We write long articles about the cities that we visit in our blogs, but essentially we just seek out answers for a couple of basic question. As you know, we have a category that 6 soru 1 şehir and we ask these question to travelers and get their answers. This time, we ask for Istanbul and wayaway answers. You should definitely follow their stories → twitter, instagram, patreon, youtube.


To read in Turkish;

“We’re Josh and Ashley, an American couple who’ve appointed themselves as the US’ unofficial cultural ambassadors. We believe that people around the world are more similar than we tend to believe. It is our goal to inspire you to travel and experience other people and cultures around the world. Let’s celebrate our similarities and enjoy our differences!”

1-) What was the interesting thing in Istanbul that you never seen before?
The most interesting thing about Istanbul that I’ve never seen is how compact and vast the city is. Istanbul is HUGE!! I have been to some big cities but the fact the city is built on hills right on the water makes it so special and incredibly unique compared to many other cities.
2-) What was the most favorite part of Istanbul?
My favorite part of Istanbul has been the people. We have gotten some of the best hospitality that we have ever experienced throughout the world. The kindness of locals has blown me away. We have had many impromptu conversations with locals welcoming us to the country or noticing we look lost and doing what ever they can to help us on our way.
3-) What was the thing that you don’t like in Istanbul?
One thing I don’t like about Istanbul is the same thing I don’t like about other giant cities. The traffic is horrible. I don’t know if it is something that can be fixed but whether you are on public transportation or in your own car you can count on it taking hours to get where you want to  if its during the rush hours.
4- What was “definitely must see”s in Istanbul?
We have done many tourist things in Istanbul but I would suggest to take the ferry to Prince Islands. I think these islands are so special. A great little way to get away from the big city and enjoy a cup of tea with an amazing view of the hustle and bustle across miles of calm boat filled water. I love that this little staycation location was so incredibly accessible to anyone willing to pay the small amount for the ferry boat ride to get there. I found this so special and refreshing.
5-) What was your favorite foods and beverages in Istanbul?
I love food so picking my favorite is very difficult. I can say that Manti has stolen my heart and I would have a good bowl of Manti for every meal for a week if I could. haha
My favorite beverage has to be Turkish Tea. I have been many places around the world and take my word for it, they do not know how to do tea. Here its perfect and it makes me so happy when I am offered a cute tiny cup of hot sweet black tea, preferably 3 times a day.
6-) How long you’ve been staying in Istanbul, and how many day you recommend to stay there?
We have been in Istanbul for almost 3 weeks this trip and 2 weeks last winter. I still feel like this has not been enough time. Like I said before, this city is HUGE and there is so much to see and so many amazing locals to spend time with and get to know.
I would say if you come for a week or a month or a year you will fill your time. It could be with exploring all the amazing sites, meeting locals, watching sunsets, sipping tea, shopping in bizarres, or eating some of the best food in the world. Istanbul is a special city to visit and I have enjoyed every moment.



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